The Egyptian Study Society (ESS) is an organization for people who are interested in Ancient Egypt. ESS welcomes anyone with similar interests to participate. ESS programs include lectures, slide and video presentations, seminars, hands on workshops, and an annual picnic. Well known Egyptologists and knowledgeable ESS members make presentations throughout the year.

You can find the latest lectures by visiting Next Lecture page or the Upcoming Lectures page. You can view our monthly newsletter, The Scribe’s Palette, for current info about ESS and news about Ancient Egypt. You can read the full archive of our journal, The Ostracon.

Our society is a non-profit educational organization based in Denver, Colorado, USA, and is an associate group of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Many ESS members assist the DMNS with exhibitions and projects connected with Egypt.

Next Lecture

Wednesday, February 22, 2017 -
7:00pm to 8:00pm

Edouard Naville and Francis Llewellyn Griffith are often referred to as the first archaeologists to see the importance and grandeur of the Great Temple at Bubastis and it is their descriptions and findings which continue to draw modern day archaeologists to the site of the once magnificent temple and city.

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