Why Join ESS

Members of the Egyptian Study Society receive our monthly newsletter, The Scribe's Palette, via email or snail mail announcing our monthly speakers. The newsletter provides news of the most recent discoveries made in Egypt.  The Ostracon is the scholarly journal of ESS containing papers written by professional Egyptologists with current dig sites in Egypt and papers provided by interested and knowledgeable members of the society.

Joining the Egyptian Study Society also provides access to the online archives of The Ostracon which date back to the beginning of the society more than twenty year ago. Members get to attend our monthly lectures without charge and they can now view videos of those lectures on our website.

Members are also invited to the many receptions for visiting lecturers who you may have seen on the History Channel or Nova. ESS has study groups to learn hieroglyphs, create Egyptian art, discuss the latest books on Egypt, and learn about mummies. The annual picnic is not the only opportunity to socialize with the many members who are conversant on the numerous topics that encompass the study of ancient Egypt.

Interests range from the pyramids to the pharaohs Ramses, Tutankhamen, or Hatshepsut, prehistory to Greek and Roman rulers, the invention of writing and linguistics to mathematics, medicine and mummification. Joining ESS can be as easy as a couple of clicks or mailing in a check and a membership form.

Regular yearly membership in the Egyptian Study Society entitles you to attend meetings, study groups, and the annual picnic.  You also receive our monthly newsletter, The Scribe's Palette, and our research publication, The Ostracon.

We usually meet at 7:00 PM on the third Monday of each month in Ricketson Auditorium at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, 2001 Colorado Bvld., Denver, Colorado.  There is no lecture scheduled for August as that is when we have our annual picnic, and we do not meet in December.  Other exceptions are noted on our Up Coming Lecture Page.  We have several study groups that specialize in particular aspects of ancient Egypt.  Information about these activities and others is listed in our monthly publication, The Scribe's Palette.

One or two times per year we publish our research journal, The Ostracon.  Authors wishing to publish in our journal should read and follow the guidelines for submitting articles.