KMT Magazine Volume 09: Issue 3

  • Antiquities Reports from Egypt by Mohamed Saleh, Zahi Hawass & Sabry Abd el Aziz
  • King Tutankhamen on the Move at Chicago’s Oriental Institute
  • Rhode Island & Its Role in American Egyptology by Barbara Lesko
  • “Egypt: 5,000 Years of Civilization,” a Traveling Replicas Exhibit in Brazil
  • Seti I, His Reign & Monuments by Peter Brand
  • Musings on the Sexual Nature of the Human-Headed Ba Bird by Greg Reeder
  • When Were the Mythological Papyri Composed? by Omar Zuhdi
  • PLUS Nile Currents, Book Reviews & Who Is It?
  • KMT Magazine Volume 03: Issue 1

  • Egyptian Archaeology in the Petrie Museum by Barbara Adams
  • A Predynastic Female Figurine by Barbara Adams
  • Assessing Manetho by Omar Zuhdi
  • Seti II Way Station at Karnak by Greg Reeder
  • Interview: Daniel Polz at Dra Abu el Naga
  • 3rd Season of the Valley of the Kings Project by Donald P. Ryan
  • Archaeologist Arthur C. Mace by Christopher Lee
  • Abuse of Tutankhamen’s Mummy by Dennis C. Forbes