Seti II

Parental Puzzle: Piecing Together the Lineage of the 19th Dynasty’s Last Few Pharaohs

Egypt’s 19th dynasty is one of the more celebrated periods of Egyptian history, and its monumental record attests to its remarkable legacy in both military accomplishments and architectural feats. The dynastic line began with the general Ramses I, an ephemeral ruler who nonetheless ensured that his bloodline would continue on the throne by way of his son Seti I and his grandson Ramses II.

KMT Magazine Volume 03: Issue 1

  • Egyptian Archaeology in the Petrie Museum by Barbara Adams
  • A Predynastic Female Figurine by Barbara Adams
  • Assessing Manetho by Omar Zuhdi
  • Seti II Way Station at Karnak by Greg Reeder
  • Interview: Daniel Polz at Dra Abu el Naga
  • 3rd Season of the Valley of the Kings Project by Donald P. Ryan
  • Archaeologist Arthur C. Mace by Christopher Lee
  • Abuse of Tutankhamen’s Mummy by Dennis C. Forbes