Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The interior layout of the Great Pyramid is unique among all the Egyptian pyramids with not only the greatest number of interior rooms, but also the ingenuity needed to construct them. Of particular interest is the Grand Gallery with its sloping floor and slanted corbel roof and the King's Chamber with its high flat ceiling. The ascending passage, leading to the Grand Gallery, was filled with plug blocks that were initially stored in the gallery above. The effort was made to block this passage despite the fact that a tunnel, now called the well shaft, allowed access around this blockage. Why was the passage even filled and how was it filled? Attend this lecture to find out the surprising answers.

Robert Lowdermilk

Robert H. Lowdermilk is a Denver native who has spent most of his life in the highway construction industry in Colorado and surrounding states. He has over 47 years of highway construction and management experience in his family owned Construction Company and related businesses. In his capacity as president, vice president or owner he has been involved in highways, railroads, site developments, utilities, dams, water projects, and sand and gravel production. Bob graduated from the University of Denver in 1961, earning a B.S. in Business Management. He served several years on the Board of Directors of the Colorado Contractors Association and was president in 1980. He was a member of the Construction Equipment Committee of the Transportation Research Board on the National Research Council for over 20 years. He served many years on the Industry Advisory Committee of the Industrial Management Program at Colorado State University. He also served many years on the Board of Directors of ADA-ES, a pollution abatement company. He served as a Commissioner on the Colorado Air Quality Control Commission for nine years. Has been a Mason for over 50 years is a Shriner and is a Rotarian and was a member of the Board of Denver Rotary 31. Bob is a sculptor and is an amateur Egyptologist and was a member of the Board of Trustees of the Amarna Research Foundation and was on the Technical Advisory Committee of the Ancient Egypt Research Association and the Long Range Planning Committee of the American Research Center in Egypt. He and his wife Ann, who graduated from the University of Colorado as a Theoretical Mathematician, have 3 grown Children, 4 Grandchildren, 1 Step Granddaughter and 2 Step Great Grandchildren.

KMT Magazine Volume 05: Issue 2

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  • “70 Years at the Walls with Chicago’s Epigraphic Survey”
  • “Opet Festival Preview” Portfolio
  • “Behind the Third Portico: The Polish Mission at Deir el Bahari” by Franciszek Pawlicki & George B. Johnson
  • “Giant of Egyptology: Sir John Gardner Wilkinson”; “Food for Eternity, Part 2” by Salima Ikram
  • “Temples, Tombs & the Egyptian Universe” Symposium by David Moyer
  • “The Mysterious Pyramid at El Kula” by Robert E. Wolmak