KMT Magazine Volume 09: Issue 3

  • Antiquities Reports from Egypt by Mohamed Saleh, Zahi Hawass & Sabry Abd el Aziz
  • King Tutankhamen on the Move at Chicago’s Oriental Institute
  • Rhode Island & Its Role in American Egyptology by Barbara Lesko
  • “Egypt: 5,000 Years of Civilization,” a Traveling Replicas Exhibit in Brazil
  • Seti I, His Reign & Monuments by Peter Brand
  • Musings on the Sexual Nature of the Human-Headed Ba Bird by Greg Reeder
  • When Were the Mythological Papyri Composed? by Omar Zuhdi
  • PLUS Nile Currents, Book Reviews & Who Is It?
  • KMT Magazine Volume 02: Issue 4

  • “Readers’ Forum,” 2-4.
  • “Nile Currents” by Lyla Pinch Brock, 5-8
  • “Editor’s Report” by Dennis Forbes, 9-11, 34.
  • “Senusret I” by Dennis C. Forbes, 12-18.
  • “Locating Per-Rameses, Lost Capital of the 19th Dynasty” by Glen V. McIntyre, 20-27.
  • “ A Mastaba in Chicago? Visiting the Tomb of Unisankh at the Field Museum of Natural History” by Kimberly Rufus-Bach, 28-33.
  • Portfolio: “Painting the Monuments: Adolf Miethe” (Ed.), 35-38.