Monday, April 17, 2017

Karnak Temple evolved from its humble beginnings in the Middle Kingdom into the largest religious site in the world. Numerous pharaohs expanded, modified and renovated this "home of the god." David Pepper will describe how this fabulous Temple developed over its 2,000 year history, and reveal stories about some of its lesser known components.

David Pepper

David Pepper is a retired engineer with a lifelong interest in Ancient Egypt. He has visited the land of the pharaohs numerous times, and was one of the founders of the Denver-based Ancient Egyptian Study Society (ESS).

David has presented many lectures about Ancient Egypt around the Denver-Boulder area, and was a former editor of the ESS publications, The Ostracon, and Scribe’s Palette.

David is currently vice-president on the Board of Trustees of The Amarna Research Foundation, a fund-raising organization that supports excavations and conservation projects in Egypt, and is editor of their publication, The Akhetaten Sun.
He has been collecting Ancient Egyptian themed memorabilia for a number of years, and enjoys searching antique malls and flea markets looking for “Egyptana.”

Monday, August 14, 2017

Labor mobilization at the Karnak Temple Complex in Egypt provides a unique understanding of authority among Egyptian pharaohs as Karnak was aggrandized by various pharaohs over a span of 2,000 years. Periods of monumental building at Karnak are strongly correlated with the variables of warfare and administrative centralization, suggesting that rulers with greater sociopolitical power expressed it through programs at Karnak, and likewise justified their authority, divine rulership, and political and military actions.

Michael Kolb

Michael Kolb is Professor of Anthropology at Metropolitan State University of Denver, and Presidential Teaching Professor Emeritus at Northern Illinois University. He has undertaken architectural labor investment studies for twenty-eight years in both the Pacific and the Mediterranean, and currently works in Western Sicily.

KMT Magazine Volume 03: Issue 1

  • Egyptian Archaeology in the Petrie Museum by Barbara Adams
  • A Predynastic Female Figurine by Barbara Adams
  • Assessing Manetho by Omar Zuhdi
  • Seti II Way Station at Karnak by Greg Reeder
  • Interview: Daniel Polz at Dra Abu el Naga
  • 3rd Season of the Valley of the Kings Project by Donald P. Ryan
  • Archaeologist Arthur C. Mace by Christopher Lee
  • Abuse of Tutankhamen’s Mummy by Dennis C. Forbes