Monday, October 16, 2017

Ancient Egyptian Magic 101 is an introduction to the magical concepts of the ancient Egyptians. Building upon his 2016 ESS presentation: Ancient Egyptian Religion 101, Cherf completes the synthesis. This presentation will point out: our modern cultural hang-ups and all too perfect image of Egyptian culture, that their religious and medicinal practices depended upon magic, that heka—“magic,” is an extremely old and long-lived belief system, that Egyptian magic wasn’t taboo, but rather was a legally acceptable practice used by all levels of society, and that heka itself was comprised of three parts: the spoken word, materials used, and ritual. Cherf will end the presentation with a blood-chilling example.

Bill Cherf

Bill Cherf is a long-time member and officer of ESS. He holds a PhD in ancient history. One of Cherf’s proudest academic moments was his participation in the official opening of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, in Alexandria, Egypt, on September 26-28th, 2004. Cherf has since donated his entire academic research library to that fine institution.