Ostracon Volume 14-2 | Summer 2003

  • Origins fo Pyramid GI-d, Southeast of the Great Pyramid p. 2 by Charles Rigano
  • Unit Fractions: Inception and Use p. 6 by James Lowdermilk
  • Even the Gods Will Die: Divine Mortality in Ancient Egypt p. 10 by Richard H. Wilkinson
  • Lecture Report Cultural Geography of the New Kingdom in the Amarna Age p. 12 by Richard Hess reviewed by Charles Cook
  • The Painted Box of Tutankhamun p. 13 by TGH James summary by Jan Stremme
  • House of Scrolls: Book Review p. 15 A Traveler's Guide to the Geology of Egypt by Bonnie M. Sampsel reviewed by Richard Harwood