Looting of Antiquities

  • Posted on: 11 August 2016
  • By: mprythero

What follows is mostly links to Arabic language sites with pictures and news reports of looting of ancient Egyptian antiquities.  Many web browsers will translate them into a broken English.  Most telling are the before and after satellite photos of Lisht in this facebook page.  I would like to point out the limestone lid to a sarcophagus thrown to the side and the excavator tracks.
* News from Egypt's Heritage Task Force:


Tomb of 16th Dynasty Pharaoh Senebkay Found

  • Posted on: 10 May 2016
  • By: mprythero

Second intermediate period tombs of previously unknown pharaohs of the 16th dynasty have been found near Abydos.  There are possibly 16 tombs, 10 of which have been found and 6 excavated. One of the tombs was for the pharaoh Senebkay.  His red granite sarcophagus and canopic chest were reused from the 13th dynasty pharaoh Sobekhotep.

Tomb of Ancient Egyptian Princess Discovered in Unusual Spot

  • Posted on: 6 November 2012
  • By: mprythero

More information in this article can be found here.

The tomb of an ancient Egyptian princess has been discovered south of Cairo hidden in bedrock and surrounded by a court of tombs belonging to four high officials.