Speaker Lecture Release and Authorization Forms

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Speaker Lecture Release and Authorization Forms

As we go about digitizing our materials, archived copies of some lectures and presentations are being preserved digitally as well. These materials aren’t available to the membership until the speaker of a presentation/lecture has released it for viewing/listening to the membership.

To do so, we will be circulating forms for signing to the many lecturers we have had in the past and will be doing so for those of the future. For those lecturers with emails, we will contact you first via email and present a link where you can sign the form. These lectures are still the content of the speaker and therefore owned by them, the release form simply allows us to present through the website the digital copy of the lecture, when available.

If you have specific questions about the form, feel free to contact us at board@egyptstudy.org or if you have questions about the digitization process, please contact us at mprythero@egyptstudy.org or at (303) 472-9551.