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Tuesday, January 22, 2019 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm

How Family, Politics and Economics Fueled Mereruka’s Rise to The Top in Old Kingdom Egypt

In the early 6th Dynasty, a small group of high officials  - including Mereruka - commanded extraordinary amounts of power and wealth.  Their wealth is especially striking in view of archeological evidence that wealth commanded by Egyptian officials at all levels declined steadily from the reign of Khufu through the end of the Old Kingdom - except for a temporary blip for certain high officials at the beginning of the 6th Dynasty.   What factors contributed to the rise of this ancient Egyptian version of the privileged “one percent” at the beginning of Teti’s reign?  This lecture will review Mereruka’s family connections, his career and his 32 room family tomb/chapel against a backdrop of Old Kingdom political, economic, ideological and ecological changes that fueled his family’s rise.

Joni Teter

Joni Teter is a lifelong Egyptophile - a passion born at her local public library many years ago.  A Fulbright Scholar (Egypt), her professional career was in the environmental arena, working in the areas of environmental restoration, climate change and sustainability.  Having spent many years  as a bureaucrat, Joni feels a special fondness for those ancient Egyptians who created bureaucracy some 5000 years ago.  Since retiring from the Feds, she spends her time researching ancient Egypt’s origins and working to ensure that her local library remains strong, sustainable and available for future library nerds.


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