Death and Nefertiti's Sun Temple: New Evidence for Private Mortuary Cults at Tell el-Amarna

Date & Time: 
Monday, June 19, 2017 - 7:00pm

This talk places Nefertiti's "Sunshade of Re" temple - Kom el-Nana, Tell el-Amarna, in context of inscriptions relating to other Sunshades of Re, in particular those relating to the Sunshade of Re of Hatshepsut. While the Sunshade of Re at Kom el-Nana served the solar cult of the Aten, over seen by the regenerative aspects of Nefertiti, it also served as a locus for the mortuary cults of the non-royal or noble courtiers at Tell el-Amarna. It is also proposed that Kom el-Nana could have been understood as a type of mortuary locale, with the added possibility that all Aten temples at Amarna may have had a similar function.