April 2018

March 2014

This month is the beginning of the new online version of the Scribe's Palette.  You can visit this page to find out about the latest monthly ESS lecture, the word from our beloved Pharaoh in the Vizier's Papyrus, and the latest news items out of Egypt.  

March Lecture:  

“Did a Drying Sahara Force People to the Nile River?”

By Dr. Robert G. Raynolds

Monday, March 17, 2014

7:00 PM in the Planetarium at DMNS

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Vizier's Papyrus

Readers Guide: General Accounts of Ancient Egypt

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Readers Guide: Akhenaten & the Amarna Period

  • The God’s Father Ay. Otto von Schaden. PhD. Dissertation. University of Minnesota. 1977. University Microfilms International, Ann Arbor, MI.
  • Thebes in the Time of Amunhotep III. Elizabeth Riefstahl. University of Oklahoma Press: Norman, 1971. Fine description of the capital and court.
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  • Iknhaton. Legend and History. F.J. Giles. Fairleigh Dickenson University Press: Rutherford, Ohio, 1970. Another interpretation of Akhenaton.

Readers Guide: Architecture & Building Methods

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  • Ancient Egyptian Architectural Design. A Study of the Harmonic System. Alexander Badawy. Berkeley, 1965. Fascinating design insights into Egyptian temple construction.
  • Building in Egypt Pharaonic Stone Masonry. Dieter Arnold. Oxford University Press, 1991. 316 p. Excellent; superb diagrams, by one of the top experts in the subject.

Readers Guide: Art Special Topics

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