April 2018

Luxor's Ancient Temples

Luxor's Karnak Temple draws visitors from around the world, but there are many other fascinating temples in and around Luxor that are worth visiting. David Pepper will guide us through these historic and fascinating sites on a mini “walking tour,” exploring Luxor’s Ancient Temples.

Bees, Honey and Wax Ritual Figures

CT scans of the museum's mummies reveal objects in the body cavity of one, including small beeswax figures. The Egypt Work Group will review the magical use of these and similar beeswax objects. The group will summarize their experimental archaeology efforts to determine how the Ancient Egyptians processed beeswax. Methods of separating wax, coloring wax, and sculpting wax are examined. The crudely made figures found in the DMNS mummy were probably produced by a process we call "poured wax slab".

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