January 2017

Monday, November 21, 2016

We will take a tour of this small but exquisite 18th Dynasty tomb, with a chance to see all the remaining decorations. Along the way, we will find what is typical about this tomb for its location, date and owner’s status – and we will see what is different. This will lead to brief speculations about the economic workings of the time, the various personalities involved, and hopefully an appreciation of one man’s attempt at immortality. Theban Tomb TT255 is part of the Theban Necropolis, situated on the west bank of the Nile opposite Luxor.

KMT Magazine Volume 05: Issue 2

  • “Amenhotep I, Last King of the 17th Dynasty?” by Dennis C. Forbes
  • “70 Years at the Walls with Chicago’s Epigraphic Survey”
  • “Opet Festival Preview” Portfolio
  • “Behind the Third Portico: The Polish Mission at Deir el Bahari” by Franciszek Pawlicki & George B. Johnson
  • “Giant of Egyptology: Sir John Gardner Wilkinson”; “Food for Eternity, Part 2” by Salima Ikram
  • “Temples, Tombs & the Egyptian Universe” Symposium by David Moyer
  • “The Mysterious Pyramid at El Kula” by Robert E. Wolmak
  • KMT Magazine Volume 09: Issue 3

  • Antiquities Reports from Egypt by Mohamed Saleh, Zahi Hawass & Sabry Abd el Aziz
  • King Tutankhamen on the Move at Chicago’s Oriental Institute
  • Rhode Island & Its Role in American Egyptology by Barbara Lesko
  • “Egypt: 5,000 Years of Civilization,” a Traveling Replicas Exhibit in Brazil
  • Seti I, His Reign & Monuments by Peter Brand
  • Musings on the Sexual Nature of the Human-Headed Ba Bird by Greg Reeder
  • When Were the Mythological Papyri Composed? by Omar Zuhdi
  • PLUS Nile Currents, Book Reviews & Who Is It?
  • KMT Magazine Volume 27: Issue 4

  • "Wilkinson House Opens in Luxor" by Pearce Paul Creasman
  • “Amelia Edwards' Grave Now a UK National Monument” by Aidan Dodson
  • "Ptolemaic Galleries Re-Installed at the Metropolitan Museum"
  • "Excavating Sakkara in the Quibell Archive at Milan" by Christian Orsenigo
  • "Why Sinuhe Ran Away" by Dylan Bickerstaffe
  • "Giant of Egyptology - Amelia B. Edwards" by Dennis C. Forbes
  • Plus "Editor's Report", "Nile Currents", "For the Record" and Book Reviews
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