November 2016

Ostracon Volume 17-1 | Spring 2006

  • How Pyramids Were Built: Where the Evidence and Lack of Evidence Leads p. 3 by Charles Rigano
  • The Tausert Temple: An Additional Feature Discovered in the 2005 Season p. 9 by Richard H. Wilkinson
  • The Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut at Deir El-Bahri: The Construction and Restoration of a Masterpiece - Part II p. 10 by Bonnie M. Sampsell
  • A Continuous Thread: Flax Spinning in Ancient Egypt p. 14 by Rhonda K. Hageman
  • Coloring the Ancient Egyptian World p. 17 by Heather Van Benthem
  • Ostracon Volume 16-1 | Winter 2004-2005

  • Senet, The Game of Passing p. 2 by Rhonda K. Hageman
  • The Domestic Cat in Egyptian Tomb Paintings p. 7 by Brenda L. Lowe
  • House of Scrolls: Book Review p. 11 The Egyptologist by Arthur Phillips reviewed by Barbara Mertz
  • The Mamluks and the Pharaohs p. 12 by Karen R. Mathews
  • Time Trials: Implications of the Thera Volcano and Tel El-Dab'a for Egypt, Part I p. 15 by Robert C. Bigelow
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